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Good things that have happened recently:

Went to a free food tasting event for the Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries and Agriculture of Japan, where I was presented with an array of about 30 different types of Japans finest exportable goods. It was slightly scary when they interviewed me and took about a thousand photos, and having to explain why the food was good/bad in Japanese but I got paid 3000 yen (£18) for my gaijin opinion on whether things were good enough to be exported to Britain-land, not to mention all the free samples and goodies I got given, and the added bonus of not needing to cook dinner that night!

I found the illusive 100yen Lawson shop. This is going to revolutionise my life. Almost everything is 100yen and you can buy everything from vegetables and meat to batteries and stationary. And its open 24hrs! Its the ultimate student budget shop!

Planning to go to Osaka this weekend to see もみじ – all the autumnal colours of the changing leaves. Really excited as I’ve never been to Osaka before and as there are 7 of us going then hopefully it should be a fun time!

Bad things that have happened recently:

My teacher adding “improvements” to my woodblock print and making it look bad 😦 Somehow I couldn’t find the words to say “Please stop you are ruining it!”

Doing a role-play of working at McDonalds* in class. I am not learning Japanese so that I can get a McJob! My aspirations run a little higher!  The worst part was that it was right before lunch!

Getting my phone bill…

(*On a vaguely related note, McDonalds in Japan are a taste sensation. No, really. When you get one, the burger is HOT rather than soggy and luke warm, and always actually tastes like meat may have been involved in its production at some point! They also have burgers like the teriyaki burger, the king prawn fillet burger, and the ultimate Mega Mac which is made from FOUR BURGERS. Its like the burger that all other burgers want to be when they grow up.)

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