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Today I slept through my second earthquake. I am really annoyed because I have never consciously experienced one before, and I keep sleeping through them!

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Last night most of the students in the dorm and I went back to the main campus green area to do a “moon viewing”. It sounds a bit awkward when you translate it like that, especially as we don’t really have an equivalant festival, but thats exactly what we did. Its the first full moon of the Autumn and traditionally one would eat moon-shaped cakes (dango) and sweets to celebrate the start of autumn, but mostly we just took a lot of photos by the light of the moon and tried to avoid getting eaten alive by the ants and mosquitoes! (Bugs in Japan = not very friendly. My feet are covered in itchy red lumps which will last for maybe a week but I’m getting better at ignoring them.)

Today we are having a drill to teach us about earthquake and typhoon emergency procedures. I know a little bit about this already from our classes at SOAS, but it will be useful to go over it. A few people have been talking about a large earthquake which is overdue in Nagoya, but I dont really see any point in panicking as theres nothing we can do to stop it happening! It was supposed to have occured last weekend but I didn’t find out until this monday when I heard that a few Japanese people had gone to Tokyo, presumably to get away from the area!

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According to my INFORMATION FOR NEW STUDENTS fun-pack:


During winter the temperature goes down to about -4°C (25°F).

In the very hot and humid summer, (June-Sept)  temperatures peak at around 35° (95°F) and humidity will sometimes exceed 80%. 

About 10% of earthquakes that occur throughout the world take place in Japan.

A ballpoint pen costs about 100 yen (50p) and one litre of milk costs about 180 yen (90p)


So the next question is: how to pack enough clothes for all the dramatically different seasons, as well as all my other junk, into just 20kg…

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