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I’m serious. Last night I went to prison. Well a prison themed restaurant at least! What an experience it was as well! Mina, Jenny, Cynthia and I made our way to Yaba-cho station where we met 4 Japanese girls, who I had met at one of the welcome parties on campus, and one of whom had given me a tour of the campus. We approached the venue not entirely sure what to expect, but being lead through the front door down a dark corridor splattered with UV paint and filled with rock music into the main prison area we knew we were in for an interesting night out!

The place looked and felt exactly like a creepy prison museum; 2 floors and about 10 barred cells, very dark and dingy, complete with mannequin replicas of famous movie murders. We ordered drinks and soon after got a multi-course meal of really delicious Japanese food. But then, towards the end of the meal, all the lights went out and the show began. I don’t want to spoil the surprise for anyone who might like to go but I shall just say we were all screaming and holding each other during the whole show!

To top it all off, the end of the meal came with a rather interesting visitor, in the shape of a dangerously blue alcoholic drink with a IGUANA in it. Now, at first I actually thought it was real and was slightly concerned about its health, but (luckily?) it was just a gutted lizard skin. Anyways, as with all major decisions in Japan, we played the Japanese equivalent of rock paper scissors to decide who would have to bite its head off. Luckily it wasn’t me.

In other news, things continue to go well, and I’m enjoying all my classes but this week is particularly busy for me what with one thing and another. On Friday I have my first proper seminar class – essentially a student run class where we decide what to discuss and how to approach topics set and moderated by the teacher. This week is on Hiroshima and atomic bomb literature so I know its going to be controversial! We have a plan so I hope its going to go well; with this kind of class you get out as much as you put in, so its going to be a real challenge!

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