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It’s true – everyone is a gaijin (outsider) somewhere! No matter where you go, there will always be somewhere where you don’t quite fit in. So always be nice to foreigners – one day it might be you.

I stumbled across this video the other day and it made me laugh. A lot. This is how the British are viewed through Japanese eyes.

My brother quickly responded by sharing this video, how we view Japan.

At least we can laugh about our differences!

This video captures the awkwardness of Japanese interacting with gaijin…

And finally a rather tongue in cheek look at “racism” in tokyo…

This one made me laugh, particularly because it sums up how sometimes gaijin in Japan make themselves the victims of racism stares… and if you will wear a Pikachu suit in a starbucks… well you bring it on yourself!

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I noticed a lot of people seemed to be writing very short stories with the tag #twnovel on twitter, and after my ex-classmate did one and encouraged me to give it a go I drew a few ideas together.

I wrote this for twitter originally, but made a few edits since. As you can see its really short, but for me this was an experiment of playing with words and language.

お月の光下に、タバコを吸いながら、彼氏に「無理だ」と言っている女性。「私なら、無理だって」 女性の独り言を続く。「浮気できないのよ。何で信じてくれない?」 男性はしとしとと言う「見たよ、彼と」。急にタバコを吸い終わり、出て行った。タバコのように愛が消えてしまう.

I wrote a second one… again, its just playing with language and grammar constructs at this stage.


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