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Back Home

Well, I’m back home now, so thats why its been a while. Just thought I would sign off with a final post.

Overall I had the most amazing time in Japan, and I really wish I didnt have tohave come back to Britain, but 4th year is looming now so its onwards and upwards! I really appreciate a lot of the things I missed while I was away, and I feel like I am seeing Britain in a whole new light. Its like being a tourist, but you know everything you need to – very strange. The wierdest thing was not being the only white person around, not being in the minority. Supermarkets are huge, and overstocked, overwhelming. So much meat and so many fresh vegetables! Everything comes in such large quantities. People are more out-going, strangers talk to each other more. The air smells different here. London is busy but comfortingly the same as when I left. Its somehow a lot noisier here than I remember – ambulances, mobile phones, people yelling and shouting at all hours. I also realised how unstylish and badly dressed we are as a nation though; we just don’t care about our appearance. People are much more slapdash about a lot of things, they drop litter, they can’t be bothered to recycle waste, restaurants pile greasy food up on a plate with no thought, people wander untidily… so many things seem disorganised or sloppy. But perhaps I am being too harsh. I love my country, it is my home and it always will be. Its just interesting to see things from a different perspective.

Hopefully I will return to Japan next summer, and maybe one day I will live and work there if the opportunity arises! Who knows. So until next time…

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